The project of the TPM

The Public Theater of Montreuil, formerly Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil, is led by the playwright and stage director Pauline Bayle since the 1st of January 2022. In June 2022, Pauline revealed her new project, introducing the TPM - Théâtre Public de Montreuil.

What’s a National Drama Center?

One would say it feels like home.

A place where artists can create and where spectators can discover their artistic creations. But also home for those who seek shelter from the chaos of the city. The TPM is not your typical theater, it is a heterotopia : like Michel Foucault's concept, the TPM provides a safe place for our dreams yet firmly roots itself in reality by promoting openness, celebration, and surprises.

Hospitality is key at the TPM. If its first role is to broadcast plays, as expected, the TPM also shelters a bar, a restaurant, a bookshop, a photo gallery, and organizes conferences and workshops.

As a National Drama Center, the Public Theater of Montreuil supports artistic production. The TPM aspires to reveal the multifaceted nature of contemporary creation and redefine the spectator experience as diversity and vitality are now rapidly growing aspects of the performing arts.

Thus, four artistic teams from multidisciplinary backgrounds were appointed as associate artists to the TPM until 2025:

– the playwright and director Baptiste Amann

– the collective of artists Bajour

– the director and choreographer Fanny de Chaillé

– the Munstrum Theater

Whether they wish to explore, create or practice, each of these artists are welcomed to settle down in the Public Theater of Montreuil and benefit from its resources.

In the same vein, the TPM also supports the growth of emerging artists. Every season, the theater welcomes one artist-in-residence to let them benefit from the network of cultural institutions. For the season 23/2, the performer and director Julia Perazzini will be our artist-in-residence.

Throughout the year, the TPM schedules a variety of workshops, debates and meetings around the programme. The theater is not only a building but first and foremost, a team of people and artists whom you'll be able to meet through our travelling shows all around the Paris region.