Munstrum Theatre

After their training at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique of Paris, Lionel Lingelser and Louis Arene founded the Munstrum Theatre in Alsace in 2012.

The company relies on powerful and poetic visual concepts to reflect strong social themes and singular writing methods (Marius von Mayenburg, Copi).

Munstrum promotes an aesthetically far-reaching approach. Lighting designer, composer, scenographer, and plastic artist: all of these contributors play a significant role in the creation process.

A humorous, dark, and unusual play with a light scent of science fiction emerges from the shadows, from chaos.

The actors' faces are covered with a thin layer of outer skin to turn them into strange creatures incarnating our humanity.

Since September 2017, Lionel Lingelser and Louis Arene are associated to La Filature - Scène nationale de Mulhouse. The company is associated to the Public Theater of Montreuil - NDC.

In 22/23, the TPM pays tribute to the Munstrum Theatre through the event Quartier d'artistes #1.