Social and associative field

Relying on the local associations and the network of social organizations, the TPM deploys its projects in the different districts of Montreuil and Seine-Saint-Denis. To cater to the needs, desires and initiatives of the residents, the artists come up with actions that they integrate into their creative process and that participate in the artistic life of the territory.

Building projects with social organizations

The theater team is at your disposal to meet with you and to build adapted programs. Together, we can plan ways of discovering the theater and its programming, offer performances in your facilities, or assist you in building long-term projects. These courses can be combined with practical workshops of varying length, depending on the specific needs of the audience.

Assisting partner associations

The Public Theater of Montreuil is a partner of several associations and offers to their members meeting times around the shows, in a will to exchange views and to provide a space for talking to the persons concerned or who have particular fields of expertise. We can organize moments of exchange around the themes raised by the artistic proposals.

Offering suspended tickets

The "suspended ticket" is a gesture of solidarity that aims to offer a ticket to a stranger. These undated tickets have a value of 8€ and the Public Theater of Montreuil is committed to supporting generous spectators by offering a second suspended ticket for every purchase of a first one.

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