Suspended tickets

The "suspended ticket" is a gesture of solidarity that aims to offer a ticket to a stranger. These undated tickets have a value of 8€ and the Théâtre Public de Montreuil is committed to supporting generous spectators by offering a second suspended ticket for every purchase of a first one.

Designed in close collaboration with various partner associations, this mutual aid system is intended for their users. 

→ Are you a relay association and would like to join this scheme? Contact

→ Are you a generous spectator and would like to offer a ticket to a stranger? Contact the ticket office (online at any time, by phone or at the box office from Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 to 6:00 pm).

Good to know: if you are a TPM subscriber with the Pass 6, you can also offer one of your seats in this scheme.

→ You want to come and see a show at the TPM and benefit from a suspended ticket? Simply go to the theater and mention the name of the partner organization that informed you of this offer.