A vibrant place

The Public Theater of Montreuil ensures that artistic creation is accessible to anyone. Artistic discovery nurtures new encounters, practice facilitates dialogue, and finding ways to occupy the place perpetually prompts its reinvention. 

- Restaurant / Bar - La Cantine

The Cantine offers a selection of seasonal dishes and local beers from Monday to Friday between noon and 3 pm, and before and after the shows as well.

- Pop-up bookstore

The TPM partners with local bookstores, such as Zeugma and Folies d'encre, and lets artists display a selection of books surrounding the plays of the season in the hall of the theater. 

- Gallery

The first floor of the theater, which shelters the restaurant, evolves and becomes a hybrid space. In the afternoon, the new gallery welcomes the youth and allows them to benefit from the space to get together, read, or study in a calm and comfortable environment. 

The Gallery will occasionally be converted into an exhibition hall where artists of the Programmation will be able to display their artworks in association with different cultural institutions from Montreuil. On other occasions, the walls will be adorned by students' creations around academic projects. 

- Hall

From Tuesday to Friday, between 2 and 6pm, the TPM lets you settle in the hall to study, read or relax. 

- Local Market

On certain occasions, the TPM invites local producers to sell their goods related to the season, on the porch of the theater. 

Shared work space

If you're a young or new company, the TPM lets you benefit from its resources, practice rooms, or expertise, to grow and develop your project.